Vintage Tupperware Original Hostess Gifts 70s 80s – Choose Items



Vintage Tupperware Original Hostess Gifts 70s 80s – Choose Items. Lots in stock!

Condition: Very Good to Good – there may be some minor surface wear and light scratching from use over the years. However all structurally sound and still useable (in our opinion). Vintage condition is not classed as faulty and some minor wear should be expected.

Noticeable issues: Mostly all good used condition


Scoop – 5 1/4″ long

Orange Peeler – 6 1/4″ long

Red Paperclip – 5 1/2″ long

Sewing Ruler – 4″ long

Cocktail Stirrer – 5 3/4″ long

Cocktail Spoon 8″ long

Sli-Saw-All – 6 1/2″ long

Pasta Cutter – 2″ long

Additional information

Vintage Tupperware

Hostess Book Mark Paper Clip, Hostess Cocktail Spoon, Hostess Cocktail Stirrer, Hostess Green Scoop, Hostess Orange Peeler, Hostess Pasta Cutter, Hostess Sewing Ruler, Hostess Sli-Saw-All


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