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These Retro Foods Will Take You Right Back in Time!

Food shopping changed in the latter half of the 20th century meaning new supermarkets and convenience foods. If you grew up during this time chances are you ate every differently to previous generations. Come down memory lane for these retro foods that take you back in time!

Old Items In Your Home that Could be Worth Money Image

Old items in your home that could be worth money

It’s a tough time out there for us all at the moment, what with the aftermath of covid, Brexit and the cost of living crisis. Food prices have been rising, as well as the cost of heating our homes, and with winter on the way, you might be wondering how you are going to pay all the bills! One way to get some extra cash is to sell old items in your home that could be worth money.

Collecting Ridgway Homemaker

Collecting Ridgway Homemaker

The 1950s bought post war optimism to Britain and a boom in innovative designs for the home, from ceramics, to glass, to furniture, gadgets and lighting. What you had in your home began to say something about you, and this was usually aspirational, especially for young working class couples setting up home for the first time. One of these designs was Ridgway’s ‘Homemaker’ which was not only very popular in its time, it still remains so with collectors of today.